Meet the Cast


Chris Dobbins
Host (2003-2007, 2011-Present)
Show Co-Founder

Show Adviser (2011-Present)

Famous for his “Ma’ma Joke of the Week” and the well documented, over blown “Beyonce’ Encounter” during the show’s 1st run.

Founder of The Green Stampede Tutoring Program

Board of Directors member & Legal Counsel for Save Oakland Sports

Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen
Host (2004-2007, 2011-Present)
Show Producer (2011-Present)
Soundboard Engineer (mid 2006-mid 2007)
Stat Man (2004-mid 2006)
Fill in host & guest (2003)

Also serves as The 30th Governor of Tightwad Hill (11/10/2012-Present) and Soundboard Engineer and Co-Producer of RaiderFanRadio under his other Oakland sports alias, Cpl Oaktown (Dec. 2011-Present)

Served in the United States Marine Corps (May 2007-May 2011) as an 0111 (Administrative Specialist)

The Bauce Man
Host (2013-Present)

Ballistic Bill
Host (2014-Present)
“Ballistic Bullshit w/ Ballistic Bill” Segment Host (2011-Present)
AFR’s NYC Liason (2011-December 2013, June 2014-Present)

Daniel “Ninju” Wolfe”
Host (2011-Present)
Social Media Coverage (2011-Present)

Kristy “Kwisty” Salminen
“World Famous Weather Report w/ Kwisty”
Show Photographer & Press Coverage (2011-Present)

Past Cast Members

“Franchise” Frances Brooks (2003-2007)
Host & Show Producer
Show Co-Founder

“A’s Fan” Ali Brooks (2003-2007)

“Astro” Angie Brooks (2006-2007)
Host, Soundboard Engineer & World Famous Weather Report

“LF Drummer” Duke Jones (2005-2006)

Autumn “The Weather Girl”  Martin (2003-mid 2006)
Host, Soundboard Engineer & World Famous Weather Report

Jorge Leon (2011-2012)
“Sex & Sports” Segement Host & Bar of the Week

Yes, he is wearing Charlie Finley’s hat!

President of The Green Stampede Tutoring Program

“RF” Will MacNeil (2011-2012)
Host & “Random Sports Facts” Segment Co-Host

Quintona “Wiggi” Branch (2011-2012)
Host & Soundboard Engineer

Dennis “Diesel” Biles (2011-2012)
Host, “Random Sports Facts” Segment Host & Press Coverage

Andy “RF Drummer” (2011-2012)
Ustream Channel Producer & Host

Anson Casanares (2011-2012)
Host & Twitter Page

Michael Shultz (2012)
Co-host of The Blitz on Laney College’s 9th Floor Radio

Stephen Edward (2012)
Sports Editor for Martinez News-Gazette

Not Photographed:
“Coach” Sal (2003-2004) – Host & Stats
South Dakota Dan (2004-2005) – Host

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