Recording of Show #274 – 9/18/2020

Here is the recording of our 1st live broadcast on our Twitch channel in over 6 months in case you weren’t able to tune into the live broadcast last night. We will also add a copy to our YouTube channel later this weekend.

Show #274

Take care, be safe & we will see ya next Friday @ high noon.

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Recording of Show #273 – 9/11/2020

In the latest edition of the show, Dave Kaval checks it w/ “The DynAmic Duo” on life as a MLB team president in 2020 as well as thoughts on the season thus far & other tid bits, recap of A’s game action from 9/4 thru 9/10, preview of matchups for 9/11 thru 9/16, current MLB Standings and more!

Show #273 ft. Kickin’ It With Kaval – Ep. IV
Full Show     Kickin’ It With Kaval – Ep. IV

Thanks again as always for tuning in and thanks as always to “Rock Star” for stopping by. Our next broadcast goes down on 9/17 @ 8 pm PST from The NEW Dub-6 Studios!

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Guest Appearance on Portside Pod and Recordings of Shows #269-272 – 9/5/2020

What’s good A’s fans? Been a while since we posted from here, KBO poll in fact was last one (wow, lol. That will be closed btw on 10/18 when KBO season ends) and haven’t had a show broadcast since 3/12/2020 right before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit stateside, but we have been doing some stuff in & out of “the lab” per say during that time.

First on the list, ICYMI, is our guest appearance on the official podcast of the Stockton Ports, the “Portside Pod” with Alex Jensen, which was recorded on 7/8/2020 and aired in two parts on 7/10/2020 & 7/14/2020. “The DynAmic Duo” set up shop near Howard Terminal when this interview was recorded.

Portside Pod: A’s Fan Radio – Pt. I     Pt. II

Second, as many of you know by now we have been recording shows on a some what normal schedule but just without the Wi-Fi to bring them live to you plus were waiting on setting up shop at The NEW Dub-6 Studios. Well, now that both are handled, we can finally present those show recordings via our first ever YouTube channel and resume live show broadcasts on our Twitch channel starting on 9/10/2020. These 4 shows have no breaks or ads like our normal shows, they are straight raw & uncut as they were recorded at The Sweat Paddock & NEW Dub-6 Studios.

Show #269: Return from Quarantine Edition (Recorded on 8/6/2020 @ The Sweat Paddock)

Show #270 (Recorded on 8/13/2020 @ The Sweat Paddock)

Show #271 (Recorded on 8/20-21/2020 @ The Sweat Paddock)

Show #272: Dedicated to Roy Byrd (Recorded on 9/4/2020 @ The NEW Dub-6 Studios)

Thanks for baring with us. While we would prefer to be at La Estrellita, we understand that it could be a while before that happens and are happy to be at least able to to get back to “doing it live!” Catch ya on 9/10 over on Twitch, A’s fans!

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Poll: What KBO team are you pulling for – 5/11/2020

As we await word on if and when the 2020 MLB season will begin due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have been given an alternative to watch while we await a decision when ESPN reached a deal with the Korea Baseball Organization to televise KBO League games here in the United States.

Seeing as not just many of our show followers, but also friends of our show hosts plan on tuning in to watch, we at AFR figured we would ask who everyone is pulling for in the KBO. Go ahead and fire away with your pick in the poll below.

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Cpl RFA Movie Review (Blog Edition): Final Season of “The Clone Wars” – 5/10/2020

The “Cpl RFA Movie Review” is a segment that appears from time to time during show broadcasts and has been a part of AFR since the show’s return in 2011. During this segment, show producer & co-host Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen reviews a new movie or show series that he has recently seen.

On this edition of the segment, appearing for the first time ever as a blog post, The Corporal takes a look at the 7th & final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

“You fought in The Clone Wars?”

A simple line uttered by Luke Skywalker to old Obi-Wan Kenobi in 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope. A point in the saga’s timeline that fans dreamt of seeing come to life for decades in some media form that finally did so in 2008 in the form of an animated film and TV series that ran until 2014. Now, over 12 years after the film and series aired and 6 years following the show’s cancelation, Star Wars: The Clone Wars got its proper send off with Disney+ airing the 7th & final season of the show. The final episode aired, fittingly, on Star Wars Day 2020 last Monday.

I, for one, am among the many who was glad to see this series get a proper send off. I remember going with Kristy to see the movie, which was made from 4 episodes of the TV series that Lucasfilm combined into a movie to promote the series, about 2-3 weeks before the public did when the base theater at Camp Pendleton showed it. I followed the show as well, all the way through its 5th season before it was canceled and watched the 6th season, aka “The Lost Missions”, when Netflix broadcasted it the year after the show was canned. Myself, and many others, just didn’t like the way it ended and always hoped that one day it would be finished the way it was meant to be. The final season did that and more.

Season 7 opens with “The Bad Batch Arc” (episodes 1-4), where we follow the exploits of a group of 4 clones with desirable genetic modifications known as “Clone Force 99”, aka “The Bad Batch”, who have been brought into the fold during the battle taking place during this arc to help determine how The Separatist are able to figure out every move The Republic is making on this battlefront. Picture Seal Team 6, but as Clone troopers. The arc also features familiar characters from the series like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Clone Trooper Echo (Who was thought to have died during “The Citadel Arc” in season 3) and Separatist Admiral Trench. This arc was also among the 60-80 episodes of the show that had been in some sort of production when the series was canceled, so it was nice to see a finish version of it after having only animatic version of the arc floating around online to watch the past couple of years.

Episodes 5-8, “The Martez Sisters Arc”, gives us a bit of a glimpse into some of the things that Ahsoka Tano has been up to since leaving The Jedi Order at the end of season 5. During these middle episodes, Ahsoka meets Rafa and Trace Martez, two sisters living in the lower levels of Coruscant who are just barley getting by in life who end up dragging Ahsoka into a bunch of shenanigans with the Pike crime syndicate following a trip to Kessel. Some felt this arc dragged on a bit and felt like filler material, though my thoughts from it differ as I felt it helped show Ahsoka learning what many in The Jedi Temple did not know or just flat out choose to not see and believe, which was the people of The Republic losing faith in the Jedi. The stages for the final arc are also set at the end of this arc.

The final arc (Episodes 9-12) takes place before, during and briefly after the events that play out in Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith. It also features a battle that fans of the franchise have waited a long time to see unfold: The Siege of Mandalore, one of the last major battles of The Clone Wars. You not only get to see one of, if not the best, lightsaber duels we have seen a long time when Ahsoka squares off with former Sith Lord turned crime lord Darth Maul, you also get to feel the unfortunate gut punch once again that is the infamous “Order 66”, this time from the point of view of others elsewhere in the galaxy when that same moment goes down in Revenge of The Sith. Maul even gets his own version of the Darth Vader hallways scene from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which many in the fandom have dubbed “The Maulway Scene” since its appearance in the second to last episode of the series. The final moments in the last episode are a fitting touch to cap of a series that consisted of 1 movie and 131 TV/Online Streaming episodes as well as serving as a bit of a tie in to the events that happen in Star Wars: Rebels years later and involving some of the characters who made it out alive from The Clone Wars to either help aid and later form The Rebel Alliance or join The Empire.

Overall, I was very pleased with how the final season of this series played out. It finally gave closer to this story of a 3 year long battle across the stars. I encourage all out there that have never laid eyes on Star Wars: The Clone Wars before to check it out, not just the final season but the previous 6 and the film as well. They help give you a better picture of the overall Star Wars Universe as well showing how things enfolded between Attack of The Clones and Revenge of The Sith while also connecting the dots with aspects of events that go down in the other films and media tied to the canon of the franchise out there. All this from a line uttered by a farm boy growing up on a desert planet.

All 7 seasons of the series and the film are available for viewing on Disney+.

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Poll: What plan should MLB use for 2020 season – 4/29/2020

OK, so there have been a few ideas floated around by MLB and others for ways to get some form of the 2020 season underway. We want to hear from y’all if you like any of these 3 plans that have come up or if you have an idea for another way to go about getting the season underway.

Added on 5/5/2020 at 10:50 am PST – MLB season startup: Here are the pros and cons of the three most likely scenarios

Added on 5/6/2020 at 8:40 pm PST – Report: MLB to offer return-to-play proposal to MLBPA within week

Added on 5/10/2020 at 10:50 am PST – MLB return: Details emerge on proposal to start season, per report

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Concept for a new banner at the Coliseum – 4/21/2020

Greetings all, Cpl RFA checking in. I hope all of you are staying safe and still practicing social distancing during these trying times. I’m still taking my break from social media while the Shelter In Place in the Bay Area is in affect to focus on keeping an eye on family members at this time, but thought I would pop in to share an idea that I came up with a while back.

As many of you may know, there is still a Raiders (or TRaiders, as some of us refer to them now…..for the 2nd time in some fans’ cases) banner hanging on the back side of Mt. Davis at the Coliseum. The banner was scheduled to be taken down once the Raiders had decided not to use their final one year option for Oakland, but has not been removed yet due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. So, based on knowing from the A’s plans are in the works to replace that “TRaiders” banner with an A’s related one, I figured I would throw the A’s Front Office a bone with a concept for said new banner, which I will share with y’all now:

Knowing from previous statements Dave Kaval has made about the A’s wanting to pay homage to the Philly Era of the franchise more, I put this together and sent a copy to “Rock Star” and front office member Warren Chu. The idea is based around the A’s banner that hangs on the back side of Mt. Davis with the 4 World Series Titles the team has won in Oakland listed on it. So I figured, “Why not make something similar to replace the Raider banner with and show the 5 titles the A’s won during their 50+ year run in Philadelphia?” Makes the most since and it plays right into the plan on honoring that timeframe in the franchise’s history. It was fitting to know also that some within the front office had also suggested a plan similar to my concept, so glad to see I wasn’t the only person thinking about going this route.

Until next time: take care, stay safe, and, as always, StAy OAklAnd my friends!

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Poll: Should MLB begin 2020 season in Arizona – 4/7/2020

For those of you that may not of heard yet, MLB and the MLBPA have been discussing a plan that could allow season to start as early as May in Arizona. There are of course many hurdles and logistics that would still be needed to be worked out for something like this to happen, but it is something that could possibly work.

On that note, we want to hear from y’all, A’s fans as well as baseball fans in general, if y’all think this is something that should be done or not, so go ahead and submit your vote now. Also feel free to leave a comment on the matter.

Added on 4/7/2020 at 1:25 pm PST – MLB issues statement on contingency plans

Added on 4/7/2020 at 8:50 pm PST – What MLB players think of daunting coronavirus return possibility

Added on 4/8/2020 at 2:20 pm PST – MLB players push back on idea to leave families behind for baseball season in Arizona

Added on 4/10/2020 at 2:30 pm PST – MLB considering radical realignment for 2020 season: Grapefruit and Cactus leagues

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17 years of AFR – 4/3/2020

On this date 17 years ago, Chris Dobbins & Francis Brooks unleashed “A’s talk from the fan’s point of view” on the internet radio world for the first time from La Estrellita Café. What a hell of a ride it has been for us since that April night in 2003, going from being blacked balled by ownership due to our pro keeping the team in Oakland stance during the time the team was trying to relocate to the South Bay to now not only getting support and backing from the team, but also being consider one of the A’s many social media influencers and a major voice in helping the team with engaging the fan base and the community in regards to team matters and the Howard Terminal Ballpark Project.

Regardless if you have been following us for our entire 17 year run or started following us at any point since the relaunch of the show in 2011, we thank you all for the continuing support of our podcast. We look forward to getting back onto the internet radio grind once an update on when the 2020 MLB season is announced. Until then, take care, stay safe and, as always, “StAy OAklAnd my friends!”

– Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen
Producer & Co-Host of A’s Fan Radio

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Update from Cpl RFA – 3/26/2020

Greetings fellow Oakland A’s fans and AFR show followers.

I know many of us had been looking forward to what was supposed to be MLB’s 2020 Opening Day today and what would have been back to back shows for us last night & tonight before the Coronavirus put the breaks on that and many other things not just here in the states, but around the globe as well.

As of the time of this blog write up, myself & my fellow cast members have been lucky and have not developed any of the symptoms that have been tied to COVID-19. With that being said, I’m sure many of you have noticed my absence from social media since the weekend after our last show broadcast on March 12th. This has been because I want to focus my energy and efforts on keeping an eye on my parents & mother-in-law to make sure they are doing what is needed to be done in order to avoid catching the virus.

I know many out there are scared right now. Don’t be embarrassed to be, it is human nature to be afraid when something of this magnitude happens. Just make sure you are taking all the steps to ensure you, the ones you care about, and others do not contract COVID-19 and to follow all guidelines in place wherever you live to help curb the spread of it as well.

Bauce Man will be handling any posts that need to go up on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the time being until at least the Bay Area’s “Shelter In Place” is no longer in affect. Please also be wary of some out there who will try to use this time to spread rumors in regards to the new ballpark EIR. There is already one going around claiming the EIR is DOA to the city of Oakland, which is 100% not true at all based on talks I have had recently with members of the A’s Front Office.

Until next time, take care, stay safe and, as always, StAy OAklAnd my friends!

– Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen
Producer & Co-Host of A’s Fan Radio

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