Meet the Cast


Chris Dobbins
Show Co-Founder
Host (2003-2007, 2011-Present)
Show Advisor (2011-Present)

Famous for his “Ma’ma Joke of the Week” and the well documented, over blown “Beyonce’ Encounter” during the show’s 1st run.

Founder of The Green Stampede Tutoring Program

President & Legal Counsel for Save Oakland Sports

Keith “Cpl Oaktown” Salminen
Host (2004-2007, 2011-Present)
Show Producer (2011-Present)
Soundboard Engineer (mid 2006-mid 2007)
Stat Man (2004-mid 2006)
Fill in host & guest (2003)

The 30th Governor of Tightwad Hill
Served as Lt. Governor from 11/23/2002-11/10/2012

Founder, Producer & Co-Host of The Bear Raid presented by Tightwad Hill (2020-Present)

Former Soundboard Engineer and Co-Producer of RaiderFanRadio (2011-2013)

Former Board of Directors & Social Media Admin, Save Oakland Sports (2011-2016)

Served in the United States Marine Corps (May 2007-May 2011) as an 0111 (Administrative Specialist)

The Bauce Man
Host (2013-Present)

Ballistic Bill
Host (2011-Present)
“Ballistic Bullshit w/ Ballistic Bill” Segment Host
AFR’s NYC Liason (2011-2015)

Daniel “Dano” Wolfe
Host (2011-Present)

Kristy “Kwisty” Salminen
“World Famous Weather Report w/ Kwisty” Segment (2011-Present)
Show Photographer (2011-Present)

Tito Soulchild
Host (2016-Present)

Past Cast Members

“Franchise” Frances Brooks (2003-2007)
Host & Show Producer
Show Co-Founder

“A’s Fan” Ali Brooks (2003-2007)

“Astro” Angie Brooks (2006-2007)
Host, Soundboard Engineer & World Famous Weather Report

“LF Drummer” Duke Jones (2005-2006)

Autumn “The Weather Girl”  Martin (2003-mid 2006)
Host, Soundboard Engineer & World Famous Weather Report

Jorge Leon (2011-2012)
“Sex & Sports” Segement Host & Bar of the Week

Yes, he is wearing Charlie Finley’s hat!

President of The Green Stampede Tutoring Program

“RF” Will MacNeil (2011-2012)
Host & “Random Sports Facts” Segment Co-Host

Quintona “Wiggi” Branch (2011-2012)
Host & Soundboard Engineer

Dennis “Diesel” Biles (2011-2012)
Host, “Random Sports Facts” Segment Host & Press Coverage

Andy “RF Drummer” Cho (2011-2012)
Ustream Channel Producer & Host

Anson Casanares (2011-2012)
Host & Old Twitter Page

Michael Shultz (2012)

Stephen Langsam (2012)

Not Photographed:
Coach Sal (2003-2004) – Host & Stats
South Dakota Dan (2004-2005) – Host

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