The Bear Raid presented by Tightwad Hill

“A podcast over a decade in the making, brought to you by a 98 year old pile of dirt…..”

Since the return of A’s Fan Radio in 2011, the fan produced podcast has feature a segment on it dedicated to covering Cal Football and other Cal Athletics sports called “The Bear Raid”. Even prior to that, 30th Governor of Tightwad Hill & AFR Producer Keith Salminen and 29th Governor of Tightwad Tad Dellinger III had kicked around the idea of a 24/7 podcast/internet radio station dedicated to covering Cal Athletics produced & hosted by Cal fans and (possibly) former Cal Student Athletes, the idea being dubbed “Bear Raid Radio”. On 11/15/2020, the start of that journey to “Bear Raid Radio” began with the debut broadcast of The Bear Raid Presented by Tightwad Hill!

The current show line up features 3 members of the Cal fan base that watch Cal Football from the pile of dirt that has over looked California Memorial Stadium since it opened on 11/24/1923. 2 of those hosts are current and former “Governors of Tightwad.” Having thus far used The Concord Cottage as well as The NEW Dub-6 Studios to broadcast out of due to the on going COVID-19 pandemic, The Bear Raid eventually plans to do the show out of a bar in Berkeley, preferable either Pappy’s or The Bear’s Lair, once life returns to some what “normal”.

Until Tightwad Hill relaunches a new official website, AFR will host the links to past recordings of The Bear Raid on this page. To keep up to date on future editions of The Bear Raid as well as the latest news pertaining to Tightwad Hill, visit &/or follow @tightwadhill23 on Twitter.

“The Bear Raid” Cast29th Governor of Tightwad Tad Dellinger III
30th Governor of Tightwad Keith Salminen (Show Founder & Producer)
Donnie “Knucklehead” Hudson

Past Show Broadcasts

Show #1 (Debut Broadcast) – 11/15/2020
Twitch     YouTube

Show #2 (Donnie’s debut show) – 11/21/2020
YouTube Exclusive

Show #3 – 11/28/2020
Twitch     YouTube

Show #4 – 12/6/2020
Twitch     YouTube

Show #5 – 12/14/2020
Twitch     YouTube

Show #6 – 12/20/2020
Twitch     YouTube

Show #7 – 1/19/2021
Guest Host: Tito Soulchild

Twitch     YouTube

Show #8 – 2/10/2021
Guest Host: Tito Soulchild
Twitch     YouTube

Show #9 – 2/22/2021
Guest Host: Tito Soulchild
Twitch     YouTube

Upcoming Show Broadcasts

Show #10 – 3/7 @ 3 pm PST

Show #11 – 3/21 @ 3 pm PST

Show dates & start times are subject to change

View live show broadcasts @ Past show broadcasts can be viewed @

The views and opinions of our cast, guests and listeners are in no way, shape or form affiliated with Cal Athletics, UC Berkeley, or the NCAA.

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