Recordings of Shows 94 thru 100, plus bonus show – 6/20/2014

In case you have been under a rock, plus we have kinda been lazy asses with updating the site, here are the recordings of Shows #94-100, plus a bonus show:

RaiderFanRadio: Draft Punk Edition – 5/6 (Bonus Show)

Show #94 Live from Oakland First Fridays – 5/2

Show #95 – 5/8
Show Highlight: In remembrance of Eddie Andreini (1937-2014)

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Show #96 – 5/15

Show #97 – 5/22
Show Highlight: Cpl RFA’s Movie Review – Godzilla: Reborn and a look back at 60 years of “The King of The Monsters”

Show #98 Live from La Estrellita – 5/29

Show #99 – 6/5
Show Highlight – Ballistic Bill says goodbye before heading back to NYC

vcn vc
Show #100: Dedicated to Bob Welch (11/3/1956-6/9/2014) – 6/12

See you all later today at 12 pm PST for Show #101!

About A's Fan Radio

“Your #1 source for everything and anything on your Oakland Athletics since 2003!” A’s Fan Radio is an internet sports radio talk show produced and hosted by fans of the Oakland Athletics Baseball Club. Launched in 2003 and broadcasting until 2007 from La Estrellita Cafe & Bar on 5th Ave & E. 12th St in Oakland, AFR made its grand return from its 4 year hiatus on 10/27/2011. The show features original cast members Chris Dobbins and Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen along with The Bauce Man, Ballistic Bill, Dano Wolfe & Tito Soulchild. Along with covering the Oakland Athletics, A’s Fan Radio will also cover other Bay Area pro and college sports teams EXPECT the Giants, Kickin’ It With Kaval, the World Famous Weather Report w/ Kristen “Kwisty” Salminen, happenings and events in and around the East Bay and the rest of The Bay Area, Ballistic Bullshit, The Fuckery &, as always, MORE! For more info on “A’s Talk from the Fan’s Point of View”, visit: View shows at The views and opinions of our cast, guests and listeners are in no way, shape or form affiliated with the Oakland Athletics or Major League Baseball.
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