Recap of “Moneyball” World Premiere at the Paramount Theater – 9/19/2011

It was a very hot day yesterday as myself, fellow hosts Jorge Leon and Chris Dobbins and a lot of our fellow Bleacher Bums posted up across the street from the famous Paramount Theater in Downtown Oakland for the world premiere of “Moneyball”.

The day kicked off at Noon as our group began our tailgate session at Jorge’s car. As always, due to the on going battle to keep the team in Oakland, Jorge had the car decked out:

Not very often do you get away with drinking in Downtown Oakland, but OPD seemed more concern with making sure Brad Pitt wasn’t bummed rushed by fans than us acting like it’s just another day in the Coliseum parking lot before a game.

As our day progress, we were joined by actors Marvin Horn and Art Ortiz. Horn plays the role of Terrence Long in the film, while Ortiz plays the role of (and, btw, looks a lot like) Eric Chavez. Horn also filmed an interview with us for his blog that he will post via YouTube so we can share it with you on here as well as the Facebook page, plus Horn has also shown interest in doing an interview with us once we are back on the air.

The gang with actor Marvin Horn, who plays A’s fan favorite T-Long. Pictured from L to R are: A’s Fan Radio host Jorge Leon, Anson Casanares, Tony Two-Tone & A’s Fan Radio host/producer Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen

Around 4 pm was when things began to heat up as cast members, the media, other A’s fans and autograph seekers started to show up, along with: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman,  Men’s Wearhouse founder (and who should be the current A’s owner) George Zimmer, former Oakland A’s players David Justice and Scott Hatteberg, former Oakland A’s 3rd Base Coach Ron Washington and current Oakland A’s players Brandon McCarthy, Hideki Mastui, David DeJesus, Jemile Weeks and Brandon “The Beast” Allen. Hell, even punk ass Bob Geren showed up.

The one person of course that received nothing but boos and middle fingers from us and all A’s fans around us when he showed up was good old Lew Wolff. Wolff may have been the one who pushed for and got the world premiere to be in Oakland, but he will remain a heartless bastard in all our eyes till he and John Fisher ether commit to keeping the A’s in Oakland or sell to someone who will (Zimmer!).

Afterwards, everyone that forked up ether $100 or $500 for both this and the after party at the Fox headed in. Yours truly will have to wait till Friday to see it with the rest of the A’s Fan Radio cast and the Bleacher Bums link up at Jack London Square for the 7:10 pm showing as I did not have $100 to fork over as I just got done moving recently. Jorge and Dobbins did go in, so I will edit and add their comments on what went down inside into this at a later time.

So there you have it folks, one hell of a day in Downtown Oakland. Be sure to head over to the Facebook page to check out photos from the event as well as to stay posted on our event at Jack London Square. That and as always more on your #1 source for everything and anything on your OAKLAND Athletics, A’S FAN RADIO.

– Keith “Cpl RF Asshole” Salminen, Producer, A’s Fan Radio

*Added 9/22/2011: Photo of the day goes to Tony. This was shot when Lew Wolff rolled up:

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