Recap of final home game of 2011 – A’s vs. Rangers – 9/22/2011

As the day opened on 9/22/2001, we all as A’s fans came to the realization that the season was about to come to end. Once again, due to ownership being a bunch of greedy bastards, the A’s failed to make the post season for the 5th season in row. That didn’t stop the Bleacher Bums from throwing the kind of end of season tailgate we have become known for.

Some of us got to the park at or after the crack of dawn. Most showed up around 8 or 9 am and began to party it up, not worrying about having to head in as there was no batting practice (Once again, screw you Lew Wolff). Once inside on the RF side, a random Japanese fan cam up to the Matsuiland gang in Sec. 149 to thank them for the support shown to Hideki Matsui all year-long and awarded us with $200 for beer money! Pretty bad ass if I do say so myself since just two weeks ago the gang got an autographed baseball & $100 for next season’s Bacon Day in RF from Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur.

The game went on as always, with our boys making us proud by closing out 2K11 at home with a 4-3 win over the Rangers. After the game, we all headed out the parking lot and began to party once again till about 10 pm.

Group shot of the RF Bleachers Bums after the game. Photo taken by Omar Gonzales.

Thus closes out another season in The Town. Make sure to shoot over to the Facebook page to see pics from before, during & after the game. You can view them by clicking here.


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